TRS Corrugate

Traditional, gently-curved roofing profile

TRS Corrugate is popular in residential roofing for both traditional and modern-styled homes including houses, garages, flats and even fences. The traditional profile is also suitable for some commercial and rural applications, including barns, sheds and factory walls.

TRS Corrugate is often the profile of choice for harsh environments because of the ‘easy’ nature of the profile on coating. It can also be pre-curved or spring-curved, offering a modern look for more adventurous designs.


TRS Corrugate is manufactured in G550 High Tensile Duralume Steel for strength and spanning capabilities.


KiwiColour Pre-painted Steel over G550 High Tensile Duralume steel also available. The team at The Roofing Store TriWeb will work with you to select materials and coating that will be suitable for your needs and environment.