Interlocking panel roofing system

Minidek offers a smooth, linear look that is ideally suited for low pitch and flat roofing applications, such as modern homes, carports and canopies.

The Minidek system is made up of interlocking panels, with concealed fastenings – meaning there are no exposed fastenings to corrode in harsh environments. The attractive rib design and wide, double swaged pan ensures safe footing during construction.


Minidek roofing is available in the following materials, designed to exceed the durability requirements of the New Zealand Building Code:
•    Galvanised Steel
•    KiwiColour Pre-painted Steel

The team at The Roofing Store TriWeb will work with you to select materials and coating that will be suitable for your needs and environment.

Coating Selection

A variety of KiwiColour Pre-painted steel coating types are available to offer durability and performance based the specific environmental conditions.